Overkill 3 is coming soon to Windows!


Game Troopers is very happy to announce that we will soon publish a new game that will delight our audience. We have signed a deal with Craneballs to publish one of their major titles on Windows Phone and Windows tablets / PC. Craneballs is a highly talented studio from the Czech Republic. They are very remarkable for… more

Game Troopers is attending GCA and GDC 2015

San Francisco

Game Connection America and the Game Developers Conference take place simultaniously in San Francisco during the first week of March. Those are probably the most important game industry events in the worlds. It is the place where big announcements and the most important meetings take place. Game Troopers will be attending both events. We will be showcasing… more

Meet Game Troopers at Casual Connect Europe


Game Troopers is traveling to Amsterdam for Casual Connect Europe. The objective: to meet talented developers with great games that want to become successful on the Windows Phone platform. Game Troopers publishes games on Windows Phone and Windows 8, and is expanding his portfolio after reaching 1 Million downloads in 5 weeks with the launch of Tiny… more

Hit Game “Tiny Troopers” Launches on Windows Phone

Tiny Troopers

The new Windows Phone publishing startup Game Troopers today launches its first title, Tiny Troopers. Tiny Troopers has received millions of downloads on iOS and Android and is one of the most adored shooters available in any app store. Tiny Troopers is a bunch of cute, adorable little buddies that run around shooting things. What else could… more

Game Publisher for Windows Phone Launches


Game Developers can easily bring titles to Windows from Android or iPhone Game Troopers, a new independent game publishing service, launched today. The new company will help developers quickly and easily bring games from other platforms onto Windows Phone and Windows 8. “In many cases, we will even do the coding to get the game running on… more

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